Financial Services Outsourcing

Financial Services Outsourcing

Explore some of our Features:

Providing resources and tools to provide your customers the best solutions when referring to Money Transfers and Bank Transactions

Customer Service and Agency Support

Our team is more than glad to assist customers and agencies on:
  • Sending money online
  • Processing refunds
  • Contacting payer banks
  • Solving Issues with the payer
  • Assisting remittance beneficiaries


We know how important it is to protect your company from fraud clients and money laundry. We will help you to prevent these cases by:
  • Implementing controls designed to protect the organization
  • Monitoring and creating reports.
  • Reviewing Transactions
  • Reviewing Documents
  • Processing background checks on blacklisted clients


In order to help agencies get all their finances up to date, our accounting team is willing to assist them in:
  • Processing Deposits and ACH
  • Updating Agencies Credit Balance
  • Providing Transaction Reports
  • Following up Agencies Payment

IT Support

Our IT Support Department is ready to provide solutions for you.
  • Money Transfer Software induction
  • Money Transfer Software Technical Support
  • Agency Software Induction
  • Agency Software Technical Support
  • Customer Interface Technical Support

Payer Banks we handle:

And many more…
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