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Introducing our Diagnosting Center Assistance and Health Care Assistance

Discover all the benefits we can offer you to help improve Patients attention in all areas: Pre-certification, eligibility verification, scheduling and more

Our Financial Services Outsourcing provides all the solutions your company needs

Whether you are a Money Transfer Company or a Bank, our agents specialized in the area will assist your customers giving a High Quality Service

Customer Service

We provide a seamless and exceptional for your business, with comprehensive knowledge in your products or services. With a team of qualified Agents we ensure the highest customer service experience

Orders Processing

With the knowledge and skills of our team, we are ready to help you obtain more pre-certifications, process more orders, schedule more appointments and help your business grow in a significant way.

Responsive Management

Timing is everything, from capturing the moment a prospect calls you during lunch or upon submission of your webform at midnight. We are lead response experts. It’s time to see us in action.

Who We Are

We Started in 2013 and we’ve grown every day answering more than 10k calls for our clients.

We offer the best service for the best price.

“Wee Call Center proves to be a professional service provider from the outset. We have the elastic ability to fulfill your expansion needs without compromising the quality and compliance needs”

Jimmy Solarte

CEO & Founder

our Services

What We Offer for You

Discover some fo the features we provide our clients in order to fulfill their expectations and imporve their experience.

Pre-certification and Authorizations

Whenever there is a Diagnostic Imaging test, such as: MRI’s, CT Scans, Pet Scans, Ultrasounds, X Rays and others, our team of Authorization Specialists, in compliance with HIPPA, are capable of helping Patients obtain their pre-certifications, authorizations for those tests

Patients, Customers Information’s protection

All your Customers or Patients information is encrypted using the most advance security and technology practices, in order to protect each and every one of them of any external and undesireble misuse.

Reservation, Booking and Scheduling

With over 1.6 million reservations placed, bookings made and appointments scheduled in multiple industries, our Service is the most professional, efficient and user friendly online RSVP solution available. Take a look to add your business to the growing list of satisfied clients

Process Strategies

We work with you to understand the problem you’re trying to solve and provide the correspondent solution to that problem. This involves research and processing which our Dedicated Agents are ready to do in the most efficient way possible

IT Support

Our IT Support Department is ready to provide solutions for you at any moment needed. We are here to assist you with guidance and tools development. Working 24/7 to help your company present your Customers the best services

Virtual Phone Systems – PBX

We have the latest technology for Phone systems, we can setup a Phone System in short time hours with phone extensions around the world with an image of a large company no matter the size of your business. We have very good prices for local and international calls.

Best Service for the best price

Reduce up to 35% on employment costs by choosing us over an average Call Center

Leave the best impression on your customer by choosing a High Quality solution and keep growing your business