Financial Services Outsourcing

Providing resources and tools to provide your customers the best solutions when referring to Money Transfers and Bank Transactions

Explore some of our Features:

Customer Service and Agency Support

Our team is more than glad to assist customers and agencies on:

– Sending money online
– Processing refunds
– Contacting payer banks
– Solving Issues with the payer
– Assisting remittance beneficiaries


We know how important it is to protect your company from fraud clients and money laundry. We will help you to prevent this cases by:

– Implementing controls designed to protect the organisation 
– Monitoring and creating reports. 
– Reviewing Transactions
– Reviewing Documents
– Processing background checks on blacklisted clients


In order to help agencies get all their finances up to date, our accounting team is willing to assist them in:

– Processing Deposits and ACH
– Updating Agencies Credit Balance
– Providing Transaction Reports
– Following up Agencies Payment

IT Support

Our IT Support Department is ready to provide solutions for you.

– Money Transfer Software induction
– Money Transfer Software Technical Support
– Agency Software Induction
– Agency Software Technical Support
– Customer Interface Technical Support

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Payer Banks we handle:

And many more…